COTAAN–God Makes Connections

Casual conversations, chance meetings. God speaks.

Since we’ve started the COTAAN journey, opening ourselves up to the possibilities before us, God has brought people and resources our way that we never heard of or thought about.

Recently, while visiting one of our congregation’s ministers in the hospital, I began to talk to her roommate’s daughter.  Low and behold, the roommate is a close friend of a friend of mine!  She leads a prison ministry!  We are planning to meet soon to talk about ways to connect through COTAAN.

While in the ladies’ room at an appreciation dinner, another minister began sharing about her hectic day with me in casual conversation.  When I inquired about her experience, she shared that she was responsible for assisting in coordinating a graduation ceremony for Women in Transition, a beautiful program sponsored by Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, offering resources and support for women living through times of transition in their lives. I told her about COTAAN and asked if she would be willing to connect me with her director so that we could consider ways for the two programs to collaborate.  Since then, COTAAN’s director, Minister Kathy Johnson, and I have met with the director and assistant for Women in Transition.  We are currently exploring ways to support one another without overlapping services.  We would like to be able to refer women to all of their various opportunities–from education to employment connections–while they would like to refer women to COTAAN for spiritual support and financial self-sufficiency workshops!

Casual conversations, chance meetings: God is on the move, opening doors and showing us the way. It’s a little scary, but also very exciting!

The COTAAN blog posts are contributed by Rev. Christine A. Smith, pastor of Covenant Baptist Church in Wickliffe, OH, Stay tuned for more on this story!

COTAAN is a grant project of AB Women’s Ministries. For more information about COTAAN , including how you could help support this ministry, click here.


One thought on “COTAAN–God Makes Connections

  1. Yes…understood! I myself have been working in the church since the young age of 7 and I did not get into my trouble/prison til the age of 35. I am released and my mother’s pastor will not allow me to visit my mother-please note my trouble has nothing to do with my mother- it was just because I have a felony…crazy evil! Yet, before my trouble i was fighting a higher calling in my life via my marriage and my weight issues I had…while in prison I could not run, Unique Lady Mission – helping women to have funds available upon release- to help pay for shelter, transportation, starting a business and pay debts. In the near future Unique Comfort Bed & Breakfast – have employment ready for ladies via hospitality industry.

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