Lifting Women’s Voices–Book Recommendation

 God of thunder

don’t just lift my voice,

throw it into

the wide world.

Let me bellow your anger

and outrage at wickedness

and all injustice.

(from “Lift My Voice,” by Alison Swinfen, p. 297)

“Say a prayer. Change the world,” states the back cover of Lifting Women’s Voices: Prayers to Change the World. This is a substantial collection of prayers written by Anglican women from all over the world, a follow-up to an earlier collection, Women’s Uncommon Prayers, which included prayers from women in the United States.

Lifting Women’s Voices, a collection inspired in part by the Millenium Development Goals of the United Nations, includes prayers encompassing the whole of women’s experience. Beginning with prayers specific to the development goals themselves, including an outline of a Benedictine Hours observance and a eucharistic celebration, the collection then builds on that foundation with prayers for women’s empowerment, equality, healthy children and mothers, a healthy environment, global partnerships, peace, sorrow, God’s guidance, discipleship, and the church’s mission.

Although produced by the Anglican communion, this particular Baptist  found this a prayer resource easily applicable to any Christian setting. Indeed, some of these prayers have found their way into worship times at gatherings of praying women that I’ve had the privilege to be a part of.

They are strong and powerful words, these prayers. I would highly recommend this book as a resource for worship or for your own personal prayer time. “We pray for ourselves, our sisters and brothers, to change our hearts and theirs, to give thanks for creation, for God’s continued presence, and to remember that we wait and work in hope for the restored creation God intended from the beginning. We pray because we live in hope,” (p. xii).

–Sandy Hasenauer


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