Dates for 2013–Plan Ahead for Awareness!

As you’re looking ahead to 2013, you may want to jot some dates down on your ministry calendar. Any of the dates listed below provide an excellent opportunity to have educational moments, celebrations, advocacy events, and so forth. If it’s too late for some of the closer 2013 dates, get them on your calendar for next year! I’ve not provided links because many dates have several potential sites as resources. Just do an Internet search for the name of the date or month and you’ll come up with information, as well as often resources and ideas to use. If you don’t, use your creativity!

  • Global Family Day—Jan 1
  • Human Trafficking Day—Jan 11
  • Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month–February
  • Women’s History Month—March
  • World Day of Prayer—first Friday of March (March 1, 2013)
  • International Women’s Day—March 8
  • World Health Day—April 7
  • Mother’s Day—May 12
  • International Children’s Day—June 1
  • Father’s Day—June 16
  • World Refugee Day—June 20
  • International Day of Peace—September 21
  • Domestic Violence Month & Breast Cancer Awareness Month—October 2013
  • World Food Day—October 16
  • Baptist Women’s Day of Prayer—November 4
  • Human Rights Day—December 10

There are many, many awareness days or months that I’ve not included on this list–I didn’t want you scrolling forever. Just go to this great list: (Be aware, I did find a couple of dates in their list that were incorrect, so check what you find by other listings.)

(Image courtesy One Way Stock, Creative Commons license)


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