Violence Prevention on College Campuses

As a student at Elon University, I can honestly say that I am in a safe learning and living environment. I am 4’11’’ and pretty petite, so of course my parents’ first concern was that I would be able to walk around alone without any threats of harm of any sort. Going into college I was just excited to experience living on my own and all of the freedom and responsibility that came with having to manage my time and life efficiently; I never put too many thoughts into the importance of being in a safe environment.

One thing that I am passionate about is women’s rights as well as fair treatment of women and girls. I am fortunate that my university has most recently begun working hard to have programs that educate students, faculty, and staff on the importance of equality, as well as how to respond to situation of violence or abuse. College so far has been the best time of my life, but I am fully aware that there are precautions I must take as a young woman, and resources that I should be aware of that could be beneficial for myself or others. I was excited when I first heard Becca Bishophric speak at a session about how to deal with issues of sexual violence and abuse during my training as a Resident Assistant. I knew she would be the perfect person to learn more from!

Becca Bishophric began working at Elon in August 2012, and is the Coordinator for Health Promotion and Violence Prevention and Response, and has a contagious passion for education in the areas of violence. I got the chance to sit down with Becca for a few minutes to talk about her position and what it entails, as well as why Elon University found it important to have her position in place.

As a student and young woman, Becca’s passion is inspiring, and I feel valued to know there are people like Becca who work everyday to ensure my safety and emotional as well physical security. I truly enjoyed sitting down and talking with her, and I hope you all enjoy her what she had to share!


(Listen to the podcast episode featuring Jasmine’s conversation with Becca here.)

Jasmine TurnerThis blog post is contributed by Jasmine Turner, who is serving as an intern for AB Women’s Ministries “In Their Shoes” podcast and this blog during the 2012-2013 program year. Jasmine is a former convenor of the national leadership team of AB GIRLS, and is currently a sophomore at Elon University in Elon, North Carolina. 


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