For Whom Are You Thankful?

thanksgiving03(Being grammatically correct always ends up sounding stuffy and unfriendly. If you’re looking for a more emotionally-accessible blog, imagine the title actually reads, “Who Are You Thankful For?” Much more friends-in-a-coffee-shop.)

This week in the United States we celebrate Thanksgiving. I’d like to take this opportunity to encourage us to include in our lists of counted blessings the names of those who have been agents of change, agents of hope, agents of inspiration and encouragement.

In my life, there are many people for whom I’m thankful. Family members, friends, people I’ve worshiped with, people I’ve worked with… Each has taught me something, each has inspired me in some way, each has helped me become who I am today and, hopefully, who I will continue to grow into in the future.

My thanksgiving list includes many women (some I know personally, others I’ve only read about) who are deeply engaged in issues such as economic empowerment of women, improving maternal health and infant nutrition, the abolition of slavery, addressing human trafficking, immigration reform, equal access to education…the list goes on, as does my thanks.

This blog seeks to educate and inspire around issues of importance to women and girls globally. We’ve lifted up many influential and inspirational people over the years. I’d like to, during this Thanksgiving season, invite you to reflect on those who have had an influence upon your own life in some way. Leave a comment below with names, reasons why you’re thankful for those persons, your own prayers of thanksgiving…whatever you’re moved to write.

Happy Thanksgiving! (And may our thanksgiving not be limited to a single day but pour forth year-round!)



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