Did You Observe Human Trafficking Awareness Day on January 11?

Contributed by Barbara Anderson

January 11 is designated as Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Human trafficking—and the abolitionist movement—have been a passion in my ministry for several years now. I am one of the founding members of All Hands In, which has the purpose of raising awareness and advocacy; we are also working in partnership with other organizations to create a safe house for victims and survivors of trafficking in the Boston area.

HTAJan2014AllHandsInAll Hands In led a human trafficking awareness worship service at Trinity Baptist Church in Arlington, Massachusetts, on Sunday, January 12th, as part of Human Trafficking Awareness Day (and month). The theme for the service was “The Power of One”: It only takes one person to reach out to one person to make a difference. Individuals, churches, and communities need to reach out to those who are vulnerable to sexual exploitation and who need assistance in coming off the streets. Christ is our power of one, and we are called to share God’s love because, as we know, love heals.

HTAJan2014AllHandsIn2At the service, All Hands In presented Trinity Baptist Church with a starfish clock in thanks for their assistance in launching this organization three years ago. In addition, All Hands In made and served dinner to the Trinity congregation following worship.

All Hands In has been engaged in service for three years, and we’re committed to the future. God is showing us what our next steps are, slowly but surely. I share this report with you in hopes that you, too, will be inspired to plan a special worship service or an event that will help raise awareness of the issue of human trafficking—and you don’t need to wait until next January 11th to do so!

Barbara AndersonThis blog post is contributed by Barbara Anderson, president of “All Hands In,” a ministry organization sponsored by Trinity Baptist Church of East Arlington, MA, addressing the issue of human trafficking. Barbara is a former national president of American Baptist Women’s Ministries. For more information about All Hands In, click here.

Did you observe Human Trafficking Awareness Day? Leave a comment here to share your experience with others!


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