Fourth Sunday of Advent: Being Brave

By Emilie Rodriguez

"Annunciation" by Qi He. Used by permission.

“Annunciation” by Qi He. Used by permission.

Luke 1:26-38 is perhaps one of the most famous biblical passages. The angel Gabriel manifests to Mary and tells her that she will give birth to the son of God, despite the fact that she is a virgin. Skeptical, Mary asks the angel how this is possible, and when the angel tells her that the Holy Spirit will come over her, she readily accepts her duty as the woman God chose to bring light of the world.

Many of us would have trouble accepting a task that God gives, especially if it has the same level of commitment, or the disbelief, as a task such as this. But Mary shows that our faith in our God needs to transcend this. Not only that, but God will give us the answers we need and give us proof of the miracles he wants us to perform, by telling Mary that her cousin Elizabeth will also have a child despite her age.

Our doubts and our fears always plague us; we are often afraid that we will not live up to the expectations or that we don’t have the capacity to do it in the first place. Mary shows us that it is okay to be scared: She was. Being told that she would give birth to God’s son, and then the fact that Joseph will believe she cheated on him, would make any woman afraid.

However, Mary teaches us that we must remain strong. We must push back against those things make us scared and bravely face things head-on. That little voice in your head telling you that you will fail and let down God: Tell it to be quiet, that God is speaking. It may be scary; we may fail, but God wants us to try and do his will, just like Mary did.

Emilie Rodriguez 2013-2015Emilie Rodriguez is convenor of the national leadership team of AB GIRLS, AB Women’s Ministries. A senior in high school, Emilie is thankful that God has offered her the opportunity to serve on the NLT and to have an impact upon girls and women in their journeys of faith.


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