Partnering in the Abolition of Human Trafficking

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Human trafficking. We all are aware of the devastation, pain and greed associated with this atrocity and the mark it continues to make on our country, whether in cities or small towns. As American Baptist Women, you had a four year emphasis with this focus (“Break the Chains: Slavery in the 21st Century,” 2007-2011). I know God is using you in mighty ways as you band together to make a difference as women who care and who exercise God’s heart in a broken and hurting world. Now you can join with several million Baptist women as you continue to wage war in the area of human trafficking! Let me explain.

American Baptist Women’s Ministries is one of the member bodies represented in the North American Baptist Women’s Union (NABWU) consortium. We are a collaboration of the women’s departments of 17 Baptist denominations/organizations across Canada and the US (see for more information.) If you consider all of the women who make up these groups, we connect well over four million women! Our mission statement is “encouraging women to live out kingdom life, especially in the area of helping the vulnerable.” There are many vulnerable in our society and we have numerous wonderful Baptist women who are reaching out in God’s name and for God’s sake, to share God’s love with those who are less fortunate. The area of human trafficking is just one of those areas.

Your executive director, Virginia Holmstrom, and your president, Angel Sullivan, are on the NABWU board. At our meetings in April of 2015, we as a consortium decided to join forces, to join hands, so to speak, to continue to fight this scourge. Imagine what it would be like if all four million of us did one or two small things? Even if only half of us stepped up to do one or two small things, that is still two million women all shining our candle against the darkness! Many candles together are the “city on the hill” which Christ talked about!

Here’s what we are doing together: We are challenging each woman to take one step or even two! It’s quite easy, really. We are calling our women to help educate the public about the problem so when there is suspicion it can be reported, or some captive woman will see a sign with the right number to call to give her freedom from her captors. For us, it’s as simple as clicking a link found below, downloading a brochure or poster and bringing it to the manager at your local hotel, motel, truck stop or gas station or handing to a taxi driver. When you bring it to a business, you can ask them to use this information to inform their staff about what to look for and what to do or to put posters in their public restrooms.

Please download any resource you choose to use from the highlighted word/links:

Poster (available in 20 languages)

Brochure for truck stop managers and employees

Poster for men’s restrooms

Poster for women’s restrooms

Wallet cards to give to truckers

More posters, brochures, etc:

If you are interested in more resources, such as a speaker’s bureau, books or movies on the topic, etc. please see

NABWU: Four million women…each doing something. Can you picture it? Exercising God’s heart, giving a voice to the voiceless as God calls us to do!  We can make a difference because together we are stronger and can make a larger impact! Please, for the sake of that one…

Moreen SharpMoreen Sharp is president of the North American Baptist Women’s Union and Vice-President of the Baptist World Alliance Women’s Department. If you are leading a ministry to those who are trafficked, please let NABWU know and they will connect you to their human trafficking networking group designed to encourage and support those in that ministry. Contact Ruby Fulbright at



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