Second Sunday of Lent–Giving up Doubt for Lent

By Jennifer Leneus

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Photo by Sharon Drummond, used by permission

Photo by Sharon Drummond, used by permission

Too often we doubt God on God’s promises. We are easily swayed by the things we see that cause us to forget what God has already been doing in our lives. We live in a society that has become complacent with a “Drive-Thru” lifestyle. It has become the norm to place an order at window #1 and pick up our merchandise at window #2. God doesn’t operate in that fashion. If God operated that way, God wouldn’t be God; God would be a genie or our “fairy god-parent”.

Ever wonder why God takes forever and a day to answer certain prayer requests and only seconds to answer others? It’s because God knows what we stand in need of, and when we need it. God knows what is best for us although we may not be able to see it. God has called us to have faith (to believe in something/someone that we cannot see). In Genesis 15: 1-2, God tells Abram (later known as Abraham) to not be afraid because God will protect him and his reward will be great. Abram responds to God in a way we can all relate to: Abram states, “O, Sovereign Lord, what good are all your blessings when I don’t even have a son?” Wow, I can sense his frustration a mile away! How often we do we pray and ask God for something, but get frustrated that we have yet to receive it? How often do we doubt God’s ability to provide for us? However, Matthew 6:25-26 tells us not to worry about what we will eat or wear because the God who takes care of the birds in the sky is the same God who is watching over us.

Although Abram was frustrated with God, he had faith in what God promised him. In Genesis 15:6, God saw Abram’s faith and Abram was called righteous before God. God is calling us to be faithful and to stop doubting. During this Lenten season, let us give up doubting God. If we believe in the same God that gave his only begotten son to die for our sins, and we believe that same God resurrected Jesus, then we ought to believe that God is able to do any and everything that we may ask or think of.

Sisters, let us sow seeds of patience, faith, and righteousness this Lenten season, and weed out doubt. That way we are able to please God by surrendering to God’s will and way the things that we are not capable of doing ourselves! By doing so, we can live out our purpose as women of virtue.

Peace & Love!

Jenn Leneus headshot Feb 2016Jenn Leneus is the national young adult women’s ministries coordinator for American Baptist Women’s Ministries. She serves as team leader for the AB Women’s Ministries young adult women’s ministries advisory team.


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