Fourth Sunday of Advent: Romans 16:25-27

By Driana Arceneaux

God gets the glory in all things. There are times when we are faced with uncertainties in life, when everything we do for good seems to go bad, but God has a way of turning around all things that seem to go wrong and make them right.

In this scripture of Romans, we see the letter written by Paul proclaiming some good news. The good news is that which was a mystery (Jesus) is no longer a mystery. Jesus and the salvation he brings is what strengthens us and makes it possible for all of us to be strong, be encouraged, and be able to endure and not give up. God made a covenant with Abraham in the Old Testament, promising him that, “All the families of the earth will be blessed in you,” (Genesis 12:3). Abraham had faith in God and knew that God would do it. He didn’t know how and wasn’t around to actually see it happen, but God keeps God’s promises. This promise wasn’t just for the Jews, but it was for everyone. God’s plan for all of us to be blessed involved Jesus’s death, resurrection, and ascension to Heaven. God revealed the plan God had hidden for so long: that Jesus not only conquered death for himself, but also for all who have faith in him.
I am so glad that God saw fit for everyone to be blessed and experience God’s wonderful love and salvation through God’s son, Jesus. I don’t believe that God did this so that we could be selfish with it. I believe that when we experience the love of God, we are to share it with others that don’t know God’s love or who don’t feel loved. God shows us love so that we may show love to others. God gives to us, so that we can give to others. God heals us, so we can help others heal. God is not selfish with God’s love. In fact, God’s so unselfish that God provided a way for everyone to experience God’s wonderful love!

Driana Arceneaux is convenor of the national leadership team of AB GIRLS, American Baptist Women’s Ministries.


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